Scottish Power Customer Service

Call Scottish Power customer service on 0800 027 0072. This is a direct dial number that will directly connect you to their customer services department. Scottish Power  contact telephone number can be called from 8 am to 10 pm on Weekdays and from 8:30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.

To learn more about Scottish Power  gas & electricity services, call the Scottish Power customer service helpline on 0800 027 0072 during open hours (8 am to 10 pm on Weekdays and from 8:30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays).You will be charged 5p/minute plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Scottish Power Customer Service

0800 027 0072

One of the major energy providers in UK, Scottish Power works hard to affirmatively guarantee competitive gas and electricity rates and tariffs, as well as products and services that put in control the use of Energy – from boiler cover to their remote heating control solution.Their specially trained customer service team keeps in check all your queries to make sure your safety and security aren’t staked. To get assistance to your queries, dial the Scottish Power customer services phone number: 0800 027 0072.

Helping Energy and Electricity Services push their boundaries Scottish Power provides free energy efficiency advice to help the customers save Energy. In order to save their partnership with Cancer Research UK, they are one of the electric and gas companies UK consumers can rely on to help make a difference. They also have a majority holder, Iberdrola, helping them to stay committed to investment in renewable energy solutions through their Scottish Power Customer Services.  Scottish Power are also a leading developer of wind power in UK and are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

About Scottish Power

With its headquarters  in Glasgow, Scotland, Scottish Power is the distribution network operator for central and southern Scotland which ensures quality service for consumers living in Scotland. Being a supplier of power to the grid, it is also the top suppliers of gas and electricity for homes and businesses across UK.

Scottish PowerScottish Power specialises in various dealings like energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retailing. Scottish Power is one of the most reputable energy suppliers with a commitment to customer service. Scottish power too has a full technical customer services to provide to help consumers decide their tariff plans and also get resolved with their queries through assistance.

Scottish Power Contact Number

0800 027 0072


ScottishPower originated in 1990, in order to privatise the previously state owned Scottish electricity industry. The UK government had in the past, privatised the English and Welsh electricity industry by splitting the market into 12 regional electricity companies (RECs) and two power generators. However, in Scotland, the industry was already organised on an integrated generation, distribution and supply basis, and this integration survived the privatisation to become a model for the rest of the United Kingdom. ScottishPower was largely formed from the larger of the two Scottish electricity boards, the South of Scotland Electricity Board, whilst the other, the North of Scotland Hydro Board,, eventually became part of the Scottish Energy Group.

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Thus, formed in the late 20th century. It is now a subsidiary of Spanish utility Iberdola, which is the world leader in wind power and one of the top utility companies in the world. With its specialization in electricity and natural gas Scottish Power specialises with company’s latest projects surrounding the environment and creating a healthier way to generate energy and power. An example of this is the East Anglia wind farm making Scottish Power one of the highest energy suppliers in UK.

Why Choose Scottish Power

Supplying over 10 million people with energy and electricity Scottish Power has a  customer service team that is well known for its efficiency and sincerity in dealing with their customers. Being friendly to deal with, Scottish power customer service is a sole example of consumer friendly feedback service.

Being acknowledged as  the largest supplier of energy within United Kingdom, Scottish Power has high amounts of goodwill at its credit . With not just the provision of Gas and electricity, the company has fostered to provide something more comprehensive by providing homes and businesses with gas and electricity, in reference to  the latest energy efficiency technologies which includes smart meters, which are a smarter way to monitor home and business energy usage making them much reliable and stable energy suppliers. If you want to register, dial Scottish power new customer technical number to help you follow the guidelines.

Scottish Power Customer Service Number 0800 027 0072

To opt for Scottish Power as your energy supplier, dial their official contact number 0800 027 0072. In order to enquire about the tariff plans the customer service helpline is available for the ones calling from home and the energy tariffs available for business users which proves itself to be vital and easily available. Until now Scottish Power pursues the aim to supply continuous energy to millions of customers, while simultaneously promoting the safest and most economical ways of providing gas and electricity to homes and businesses. This Scottish Power phone number is for the main domain which will direct your call to an automated menu where the customer will have to choose as per his/her need to be redirected to the correct section pertaining to:

  • Enquiry about Scottish Power tariffs
  • A new Scottish Power customer
  • An existing Scottish Power customer
  • For meter reading, account enquiries plus
  • Gas and electricity;Business energy deals
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Scottish Power Phone Number

0800 027 0072

To contact Scottish Power Customer Service call on their phone number: 0800 027 0072. Calling up Scottish Power is the most effective way to get in touch regarding all your energy related queries.Whenever people feel they urgently need to get in touch with Scottish Power Customer Service then you can call up on their contact number listed above.Scottish Power offers gas and electricity service to homes and businesses in the UK. Thus getting  in touch with the company, helps the customer be worthy of the usage of the services he wishes to avail.

Scottish Power Contact Details

Contact Scottish power on their customer services number: 0800 027 0072. Originated in 1990 Scottish Power and is currently headquartered in Scotland. The company was formed as a result of privatization and is currently headed up by CEO Keith Anderson.

The Scottish Power contact telephone number can be used to receive assistance from 8 am to 10 pm on Weekdays. They are also available on Saturday during the hours 8:30 am to 6 pm. Outside of these hours, you can send an email for help. For more information about the services provided, or to send an email, visit:

Scottish Power Contact telephone number 0800 027 0072 can be used for assistance with:

  • Complaints and queries
  • Tariff prices
  • Billing
  • Meter readings
  • Account questions
  • Change in location
  • Establish service
  • Turning off service

There are several tariff options available for home and business locations.  Customer service from Scottish Power is efficient and the vast majority of customers are satisfied by Scottish Power response times. Whenever people spend they also want the company to be responsive enough to the issues of its customers.Scottish Power guarantees you the best of support and services.Whenever you call Scottish Power emergency contact number 0800 027 0072, you will first be connected to the main line, from which you can make the proper prioritization  to be connected to an agent who can help address your particular question or problem. Note that fixed and standard are the two primary rate options, and that all customers are allowed to select between these two.

You can contact Scottish Power for both electricity and gas service by dialing their customer services phone number 0800 027 0072

You may also want to contact Scottish Power assistance desk to discuss savings solutions that could help you reduce the cost of these services.

In the times of urgency It is possible to contact Scottish Power Customer Service department  as the leakage for energy and gas has to be checked there and then i.e. Gas leaks, faulty electric, and other problems should be reported right away. If you suspect a gas leak, go outside to call for help. No electronic devices should be used in an area where gas is in the air.

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Scottish power customer service number

0800 027 0072

scottish power contact number


Complaints can be submitted by phone or online. You can contact Scottish Power customer services by calling on Scottish Power Customer Service phone number 0800 027 0072 to submit a complaint. If you would like to send an email, the contact address is: The customer service executive would be available right at your service. Phone complaints are accepted only during the hours mentioned online. Those hours are 8 am to 10 pm on Weekdays and from 8:30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. Apart from  these hours, email is the best available service contact.

Online help

Whenever you refer to Scottish Power for help their online systems prove to be the best 24×7. All you need to do is register and create an account because all billing tasks can be handled online once you have created an account. Online access will allow you to use the Pay As You Go service. When using this service, you can pay for your services as you need them, rather than being billed monthly. There are many different ways to pay, and meter keys/cards are supplied by the company. If you have questions about how to sign up for or use the Pay As You Go service, call Scottish Power Customer Service on 0800 027 0072

HomeComfort scheme

In order to keep the central heating system in check it is the boiler maintenance programme Scottish Power run. You pay a monthly charge to ensure the efficiency of your heating system. You can opt for different levels of cover, with or without an excess fee. The schemes cover radiators, boiler and boiler maintenance, depending on the tariff.

In case of any urgent requirements or loss of energy you may always call up Scottish Power service contact number 0800 027 0072. The customers may also refer to the helpdesk facility provided exclusively catering to the quick assistance for its customers. Dial the scottish power contact telephone number and get all the help you may require to set up the safest power connection.

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