RSPCA Animal Emergency Contact Number

Want to report for your lost pet? Want to make complaint on cruelty of animals? We have shared the RSPCA emergency contact number to report animal cruelty which will help you to resolve your queries. Once your query is resolved, kindly rate the rspca phone number below.

Rspca Animal Emergency Contact Number

0300 1234 999


What to do if I have lost my pet?

If you have lost your pet, follow the instructions below:

  • Contact your local vets with the description of your lost pet.
  • If you have lost your dog, you can contact the dog warden through your local council.
  • Put up posters in your area with the picture of your lost pet.
  • Advertise in your local newspapers about your lost pet.
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TIP: Always register your pets with Pets Located. This agency helps to reunite the lost pets with the owner.

How can I contact RSPCA customer support team?

You can contact the RSPCA customer support team in the following ways:

Write at:

RSPCA  Advice  Team

Wilberforce Way



West Sussex

RH13 9RS

Making a complaint against animal cruelty:

You can complain at the address: RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9RS

Report Cruelty of animals:

RSPCA contact number: 0300 1234 999

Timings: 24*7

rspca emergency contact number

What are the services I will get from MORE TH>N pet insurance?

The services are mentioned below:

  • You will have 24*7 access to the vet.
  • Your pet will be covered up to  £12,000 vet fee limit.
  • There will be four levels of cover for your pet.
  • There will be 10 percent of discount if you opt for multi pet insurance.
  • The pet insurance starts from £7 a month.

Does MORE TH>N pet insurance cover me for my vet bills?

The insurance company offers 4 types of pet covers. All of them give cover for your veterinary fees.

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What type of dogs are not covered under MORE TH>N pet insurance?

The type of dogs which are not covered under MORE TH>N pet insurance are mentioned below:

  • Fighting Dogs

  • Dogs used for security

  • Dogs used for breeding

  • Dogs used for racing

Rspca Phone Number – 0300 1234 999

For how long is my pet covered under MORE TH>N pet insurance?

MORE TH>N pet insurance offers a variety of pet insurance for dogs and cats. The Premier covers your pet up to £12,000 vet fees for one year. For more information, click here.

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Is my pet eligible for discounted insurance if it is microchipped?

Yes, the insurance agent will provide some discount when applying for  MORE TH>N pet insurance if your pet is microchipped.

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