Emirates Contact Number

Having issues while booking your Emirates flight? Want to make a complaint? Unable to check on line? We have shared the Emirates contact numbers which will help you to get your query resolved. After the query is resolved, kindly rate the number below.

Emirates Contact Number

0344 800 2777

Emirates Airlines Contact Phone Number UK

Hub: Dubai International Airport
Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Founder: Maurice Flanagan
Founded: 1985, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Can I carry firearms, weapons and ammunition in my baggage?

These can be carried under the following conditions:

  • Must be in possession of the original firearms licensee. Also it’s must to carry the original documents for the clearances and permissions to import or export the weapons.
  • The weapons should be approved by the airlines in no less than three days before the flight.
  • The firearms must be packed and unloaded in the standard firearm box.
  • The maximum weight that can be carried by a single customer is 5 kgs.

Are there additional baggage allowances for passengers with disabilities?

They are entitled to carry external baggages without any charge but with certain limitations:

  • Passengers who are dependent on the wheelchair must carry the collapsible free chair stored in the aircraft hold.
  • Those who are dependent on the braces or crutches can travel with the items stored in the aircraft hold.
  • Those who are dependent on portable kidney dialysis are entitled to travel with one machine.
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Emirates Airlines Contact Number

Can my service animal or pet travel with me?

Only certain service animals are allowed to travel in the cabin or flight, subjected to the conditions. You can contact the local Emirates office to know about the eligibility to travel with the pets or the service animals.

What happens if I experience a problem while checking in online?

If there is any technical problem or for some reason the online check in cannot be performed. Proceed to the normal check-in at the Emirates desk.

What should I do if my baggage is damaged in transit?

You need to file a claim  before you leave the airport by talking to the Emirates representatives or the baggage service desk. You can also contact the local Emirates office  within seven days, in writing, if you have left the airport.

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Contact Emirates Airlines Customer care, Ticketing and Reservation

Can I book a trip with multiple destinations?

Yes, you need to  select the “Multiple Destinations” on the “Make Booking Page”. You can add more destinations by clicking on “Add a Destination” at the bottom of the “Where and when” section.

How do I change details of my trip after I have completed the booking?

You can change your destination or origin,or add and remove stopovers, or change the dates and timings of your flight.All these changes can be made through the ‘change my booking’ link in Manage a Booking.If you cannot see the ‘change my booking’ link, please contact your local Emirates Office.There may be a fee associated with making changes to your booking depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.

What is my allowance for checked baggage?

If flying by first class you can travel with 50kg of checked baggage, economy class customers can check in 30kg and business class travellers with 40 kg.If your itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines, different baggage rules may apply for these flights. The above weights do not apply to itineraries involving North or south America.

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Emirates Phone Number

Are there special baggage allowances for musical instruments?

Musical instruments can be carried to the  airlines in three different ways:

  • Normal checked baggage as per the policy.
  • Normal cabin baggage as per the policy.
  • As a cabin baggage on an unoccupied seat in the passenger cabin or a paid seat in the passenger cabin.

For how long are Business Rewards Miles valid?

The  Business rewards are valid for three years and will expire on the next anniversary of the organisations  joining date.

How to get in touch with Emirates customer services?

You can get in touch with Emirates customer support representative by calling on the helpline number mentioned below:

  • For Flights and Emirate Services:

Emirates contact number: 0344 800 2777
  • For Hotel bookings:

Emirates customer support number: +44 20 3564 6725
Emirates Helpline number outside U.K: +44 20 3320 2609

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