Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Contact Number

Want to report a leak? Facing sewer issues at your residence? You can contact the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customer care team by calling on their helpline number below. Once the query is resolved, don’t forget to rate the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water contact number below.

Welsh Water Contact Number

0800 052 0130

welsh water contact number

How to contact Welsh Water customer support services?

You can contact the Welsh Water customer support services by calling on their helpline numbers mentioned below:

official site – www.dwrcymru.com/en/contact-us.aspx

  • Water services and emergencies

Welsh Water contact : 0800 052 0130 (24*7)

  • Sewerage services and emergencies

Welsh Water customer services number: 0800 085 3968 (24*7)

  • Reporting a leak

Welsh Water phone number: 0800 281 432 (24*7)

For more information, click here.

Do I have to pay water and sewerage charges if I’m renovating or decorating my house?

Yes, you have to pay for any water or sewage services you use. If you are getting your house renovated, you have to pay the charges.

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How to report a leak?

You can report a leak to Welsh Water by filling the  form or you can contact the company agent either by webchat or telephone service.

While contacting the representative, provide the following information:

  • You have to provide the full address details where the leakage has occurred.
  • How bad the leak is? ie. is it a trickle, flow or burst.
  • For how long leakage has been on?
  • If the leakage is causing problem for other people.
  • Your contact details.
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welsh water contact number

What to do if I am moving to new address?

If you are moving to new address, you have to inform the company support team by calling on their helpline numbers mentioned above. You can inform the company representative on the day or after the day you have moved to new address.

While moving to new address, take note of the following information:

  • Take the final readings of your water meter at your old house.
  • If there is a water meter installed in the new address, you have to take the opening readings of that as well.

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How often will I receive a bill if I have a water meter installed in my house?

You will receive the bill every six months. You can also find your billing information on the Welsh water welcome letter.

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TIP: If you have just moved into a house where meter is installed, you may not receive the bill up to six months.

Can I change back to paper bills?

Yes you can change back to your paper bills. You can do this by de- registering your “My Bill account”. You can de-register by clicking on the link: de-register.

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