How To Connect My iPad To Tv?

There are two methods to connect your Apple iPad to Tv. Check out the methods to connect your iPad to Tv below:


Via Digital AV adapter: Digital AV adapter is a wire which plugs the iPad to your Tv’s HDMI port. First of all you have to plug digital AV adapter to your iPad and then connect your tv’s HDMI port with the AV adapter that is plugged into iPad.

How To Connect My iPad To Tv?


Via Apple Tv: If you want a wireless connection between your iPad and Tv, you can use “Apple Tv” . For that you have to swipe the bottom screen of your iPad to find AirPlay option. Select “AirPlay” option and then choose “Apple Tv”.

how do you connect the iPad to a TV to watch movies?

If you are unable to connect your Apple iPad to tv, then you can take assistance from Apple customer service team. Contact the team by calling on Apple contact number: 0844 385 1666.

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