How To Connect My IPhone To A Hidden Wifi Network?

The hidden wifi networks will not appear in your list of available networks. To connect to the hidden wifi network, you will have to know the exact name of that network.

To connect your Apple iPhone to a hidden wifi network, follow the steps mentioned below:


On your iPhone, go to “Settings” section by tapping on “gear” icon located on the home screen of your iPhone device.

How To Connect My IPhone To A Hidden Wifi Network?


Click on”Wifi” option and on the new screen choose the option “Other”.

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How to Join a Hidden Wi-Fi Network?


Now you have to enter the exact name of the network and after that click on the option “Security”.

How to Connect to Invisible Wi-Fi ?


Choose the security type from the four available options on the screen.

How to Connect to a Hidden Network on the iPhone 5?


Click on “Other network” to return to the previous screen.


On the “Other network” option, you will have to enter the network password. Once the network password is entered, click on “Join”.

Connect to hidden Wi-Fi network

Get assistance from the Apple customer service team if you are still unable to connect your iPhone to the hidden wifi network. To get quick assistance, use the Apple contact number: 0844 385 1666 and ask your query to the customer representative.

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